Do you offer all military products ?

No, we offer MILITARY FASHION and TACTICAL items which are not just specified for military personnel. Our main purpose is to offer the Military Fashion products to impart solidarity with our Armed Forces and give people ease of access to the Tactical stuff. Diversity is increasing in our inventory day by day and customers can suggest us the products they want us to include on our store.

What is the shipping method in Military Store ?

Weight based shipping method is followed by us. This depicts our genuine effort to cost our customers the prices we bear in shipping as this same (weight based shipping) model is followed by the courier companies while dealing with us. We charge Rs. 150/- for orders weighing equal to or lesser than 1 kg. Every additional kg over 1 kg will cost just Rs. 80/- extra. Maximum shipping fee is Rs. 300 no matter what the weight or place of order might be.

Can I return the product in case there is a change of mind?

Yes, Military Store is one of the few online stores that offers money back return / exchange as per the customer desires. Products are liable to money back return & exchange within 05 days after delivery. However, our detailed return & exchange policy must be read while ordering a product.

Is local pickup available on Military Store ?

Yes, Military Store is established in Islamabad and we do entertain local pickup. Customers are rather encouraged to visit our office physically, see the products for themselves, order and then take away. Our office address is Office 24, 3rd Floor, Capital Plaza in front of Bank of Punjab, G-11 Markaz, Islamabad.

Is it a “not-for-profit” e-commerce store ?

No. Military Store is not exactly a “not-for-profit” e-commerce store but we aim to provide our customers with military fashion / tactical products at prices that are close to “not-for-profit” prices.